Veranda is one of the leading company for glass curtain in Lebanon, founded on 2005.

Vision , Mission , Objectives


Our vision is to be the leader and improve our market share in Lebanon.


Our mission is to insure customer satisfaction , on time delivery and after sale service

Experience is a hard teacher, because it gives the test first , the lesson afterwards

                                                                                         Vernon sanders law

The long time experience and the knowledge of the market share push MR. GEORGES DIAB to retreat, cause of the attack of  Chinese product.

Jumping at  several small opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one big on to come alone .

                           Hugh Allen

On 2005 he put a new strategic plan . and focus on Balcony Glazing System .

Veranda Glass Curtains

Veranda Glass Curtains

Leading is not the main thing influencing others, is the only thing.

                                                                                    Albert Schweitzer 

Mr.GEORGES DIAB was the first who invented the Monoprofil for rolling shutters ,

for SIDEM 10cm , SIDEM 8,5cm, SIDEM 7,5cm, Technal monobloc, and frame for the boxes multiple use and dimension.

He was the leader and there were the followers.

when an obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, you do not change your decision to get there.

                                                 Zig Ziglar

After that Mr. GEORGES DIAB was the first in the Arab countries who produced the full accessories for monobloc in Lebanon

Company Profile

Veranda, SARL

Owner: Tony and Michel Diab

Areas of expertise:  Home, office,.... 

history of achievement

Necessity ... is the mother of invention.


Mr. GEORGES DIAB launch a saw machine on 1965 and sell it on most  ARAB countries.



Veranda Glass Curtains in Beirut can change your home , make your life more comfortable.

large panels  can transform your balcony to an open area , making you  a new person,

whenever you’re there enjoy it all the year , with glass curtains you will not loose the light and the views

Glass curtains can save more than 40% on your expenses , from heating and maintenance of your balcony all over the year.


At Veranda, our goal is to help you become the person you aspire to be.....

Veranda Glass Curtain in Beirut


designer of Glass curtains