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Customers questions

U can find below common  questions that our customers may have about Glass curtains

Do i need permission to install a glass curtains?

Nowadays , you don't need any permission .

How does it work?

there is always one panel works like a door

What kind of glass usually is used for glass curtains?

Veranda is using tempered glass 10mm thickness , but for the best supply of thermal , acoustic insulation and security is the 12mm tempered glass.

Tempered glass is heat - strenghthened glass it is very strong and if it breaks , it explodes into thousand of tiny pieces , most windows of the car  are tempered

How do i clean my glass curtain?

Clean your glass doors of your curtain with white vinegare it is the best but there are many other options like soap u can find at any supermarket.

Open the first panel and simply slide each pane to the side of the first one , turn it 90 degrees and stuck it, now wash each panel front and back.

Were can i buy glass curtains in Lebanon?

El Meten Elchemaly , Bauchrieh

What is the difference between glass curtains and frameless glazing ?

glass curtains and frameless glazing are the same but some suppliers use an aluminum frame for glass panels others use frameless glass

Are too many companies of glass curtains in Lebanon?

Yes there is too many companies but the customer should compare the price and quality and the most important is  to know if these installer are legal ,

 have factory or real address.

What is the maximum size of panels?

300 cm for height and 80 cm for width

Is there different color for the glass curtains?

The aluminum profiles and the glass are available in different colors .

What is the price of the glass curtains?

it depends , between 165$/m2 and 180$/m2

Do we need a permit to install a glass curtains ?


Do the glass curtains change the facade of the building?

No because when the panels are closed transparent enclosures will give same look for the building  k

Is there a guaranty for veranda system?

Quality, delivery on time and 5 years warranty on the glass curtains

Do you have a compensation profile ?

yes of course and we are one of few companies who use a compensation profile to level the bottom profile

Is there any problem for installing a curve balcony?

Veranda can produce any shape of your balcony , angles, curves and corners.

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